The Magic of Hobson-Jobson

On the island of Durjipore, a place forgotten by the rest of India, live thirteen year old twins Floyd and Farook Foxwallah. The festival of Hobson-Jobson dawns but is marred by a series of kidnappings. When Farook becomes the next kidnapping victim his pied-eyed twin brother - Floyd, considered unlucky since birth, vows to rescue him. He sets off on a journey to a mysterious world where he encounters several magical creatures, including a flying dog, the legendary forest-dwelling Ressuldars, a waterfall of faces and the evil underwater beings, the Merrows. Floyd realizes that he might just be the one destined to rescue the kidnapped children and save Durjipore. But will his bad luck get in the way?
A fascinating story of an unlikely hero, The Magic of Hobson-Jobson will take you on a breathtaking journey across wondrous lands.

Book Features:

A wildly imaginative adventure story with endearing, fantastical characters and an unlikely protagonist
Ideal for pre-teens and even for a slightly older audience interested in the fantasy genre
Fast-paced narrative with vivid descriptions
Has just the right amounts of magic and excitement to appeal to both boys and girls
A story about love and sacrifice and discovering oneself

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Contemporary Fiction




Soyna Owley

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